Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodies from Lutgart !! Wooo Hoooo!!!

Hola Friends !!!  Hope you're all doing well.  I wanted to share the goodies my friend from Belgium sent me.  Her name is Lutgart and she is a Wonder Crafter herself.  I got some wonderful Granen Biscuits (They are WONDERFUL.  Varies vintage 6x6 designer cardstock paper packs and lovely paper napkins.  Thank you so much Lutgart. I love them all!!!

In this pictures you'll see Christmas cardstock paper packs, clear stamps, wonderful glitter paper, Brads, envelops/cards in rich holiday colors, christmas chipboard and a packet of Papieren Roosjes in two colors, white and mocha.  Oh, and a really beautiful embossing folder.  I'll be having some fun with all of  them.  (Don't worry Maggie, you'll be enjoying the fun when you come over on Crafty Sunday.  hahaahah.... Just bring the Woaca molee.... or Whatamale as you call it.  :o)... 

Thank you again dear Lutgart.   I'll be posting something soon to show you what I've started to do with some of the stach...  Lots of hugs from New York heading your way.  xoxooxoxxo

 P.S.  If you click on the picture you'll see in larger view everything.   Please notice two cards in between the goodies.  You see them? Yes!!!! Those are the ones,  The red one with the three little mice in front and the one with the two snowmans.  Those beautiful cards were handcrafted by Ms. Lutgart herself.  The girl rocks and they are more lovely in person and interactive too!!!!  Can't wait to see this years cards...  
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