Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Picture

Hola Familia,  An updated picture of me.   This was taken at my job's Christmas Party.  However, I really want to share the picture to show off the beautiful custom made jewelry by Barbara of BZ Originals.  Because I'm wearing a red turtle neck it doesn't really show the loveliness of the set.  Perhaps next time I'll wear something lighter to acent the jewerly.  Thanks for stopping by.   Have a great week!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Vintage Furniture

Hola,  this is my bedroom at mom's house.  The four poster bed belonged to my grandparents. (Father's side).  According to the story, all my grandparents kids got a chance to sleep here when they were babies.  I got my chance and so did my daughter.  (As a matter of fact all the grandkids jumped up on this bed and perhaps some great grands beside Amanda.  Of course the mattress is not the same. LOL..... ) I remember trying to climb into the bed to kiss my grandfather goodnight, it was like climbing a giant tree.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Four generations, my inheretance and it's a beauty.  I just need to get someone who deals with antiques who can clean it up and make it look brand new.  The rocking chair belonged to my neighbor in NY,  When I met her she was in her late sixty. (This was more then 10 years ago) She bought this rocker when her daughter was born back in the late fourties.  It survived the trip to many New York city apartments and the one to Puerto Rico.  It's in mint conditions.   Vintage Me Happy?  Yes indeed.

Thanks for stopping by to see all my vacation pics.  Have a wonderful week, until soon

Abrazos from Maria,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Pictures of Caguas Town Plaza at Christmas

A Decorated Christmas House in Santa Elvira Residence

This is Christmas, Puerto Rican Style. 

The houses the way they were back then.  Who knows, maybe in the mountains we still have friends and family who live in wood homes like this.  I love them.

Mom and Ana, family friend and neigbor

Sorry,  Didn't mean to interrupt.  This is the old fashion way to go to the bathroom! LOL
Spanish "Letrina"-  English "Out House". Functional but horrible in many ways.  I remember using them when a kid. wooooooo... smelly and things crawling out.... LOL... It got the job done in a hurry. 

Click on the pictures to get a better look.  This house was not yet completely decorated.  It's like the houses of many states and countries where one family goes all the way.  Well this is just one of the many in this same block.  All the neighbor join in the fun and really go all out to make Christmas a community affair. 

Quinnie the Wonder Dog and me

This is Quinnie the wonder dog.  She's been with the family for years.  She was getting up as I was taking the picture.  Just had her hair cut.  Shy one she is. LOL.   My father found her under the wheel of a car on a rainy day.  She was a baby pup abandoned and left to be eaten by ticks.  Dad brought her home, mother got a box, twizzers and a cup of alchol.  With tender love mom plucked the vermons off of Quinnie.  Years have come and gone and this girl has given nothing but love and loyalty to the family.

Well, look who we have here.  Yep, it's a profile of your's truly. LOL.... Listen, I was laboring for my lunch. LOL... This is called " Limpiando las locetas con precion"  Using water pressure to clean the tiles.  It was my first time and mom said I get a star for doing a good job.  I wanted bacalao with viandas. LOL.   

Rainbow view from mom's balcony and other random pics

What a Beautiful day this was.  We had many of these the last few days I was there.  The weather was just perfect, just as I remembered them when I was a child visiting my grandparents in the summer.  We didn't need an air conditioner or fan.  Those were wonderful wonderful summer months.  Today is another story.

This is the mother or father of all Pilones.  Not sure of it's name in english.  It's usage was for crinding coffee beans, corn and other coarse foods.  We use them in a smaller version today at home to also chop, mash herbs and spices.  Pretty neat right?


Hanging Christmas Light's at Mom's

Mom's Treasured Photos, Memories and Craft Room

Isn't She Lovely?  It's mami modeling a dress and sandal on the day I arrived.  She's a beautiful 73 year old Lady.

Mom has lots of treasured photos of yester years and present in this room. She's very organized and enjoys displaying the things and those she loves.  There's a craft table with things I've sent her for crafting. 

This beautiful Beeswax dressform was done by my mother using my hands to beeswax the pieces of napkins she selected and possitioned.  The Flowers are little rosettes from Belgium. (Thank you Lutgart) and the stick pin I glued together after mami picked the pearls she wanted.  What do you think?  Oh! there's also some stickles around the butterflys and bird.  (click on the picture to get a closer look) Enjoy

Sorry, this precious beauty didn't make it to the previous posting.  But I know you'll enjoy it.  It's just lovely.

Flowers around Mom's house.

Some Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Hot Peppers from Mami's garden

These little guys are truly what we call Hot Peppers.  We know it as "Pique".   Whoooo, this stuff will clear your sinuses and then some.  Mom has a small tree in the side of the house where they grow. 

Here she's making a bottle of Pique (Hot Souce) for my uncle.  I believe the mixture is vinagar. 

To your top left are some green leaves.  These are called " Hojas de Naranja" One or two of these in hot water and you can enjoy a very soothing and refreshing healing tea.  It's also delicious in farina or cream of wheat.  The middle dish has Passion Fruits also know as "Parcha".  Another wonderful fruit to mix with some water and a bit of sugar, pour over a glass of ice and drink to satisfied your thirst.  It's also very medicinal. Very popular for lowering high blood pressure. 

This is the parcha tree or many branches who have reached the balcany of my mom's house.  It's beautiful but don't let it grow too much.  It will surely give you fruits while taking over your domain. LOL
This is Passion Fruit known in spanish as "Parcha".  A very good fruit for refreshing and lowering high blood pressure.

These two pictures shows my mom cutting up the parcha in half.  It looks funny doesn't it?  But once you put this little bits in a blender and light mix you add some water to your liking and some sugar mix again then pour over a colander, chill for a while and enjoy a great drink. 

Here's my mothers tender fingers painfully opening up the pod of green bean, "Gandules".  I say painfully because while on vacation my mom's right arm went from mild pain to sharp renching, excruciating unable to move entire arm pain.  Yes, she's under Dr care, but we have to wait for a sonogram to confirm exactly what it is.  Looks like chronic burcitis, but it could also be calified tendanitis.  We'll know soon.  In the mean time she's handling the pain with meds.  OK, moving forward, she's so proud of her tree's and there's that pumkin who also grows in her garden.  Next to the pumkin are some leaves called "Culantro".   This stuff give wonderful flavor to soups, casaroles and rice.  It smells wonderful too!