Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello Friends,  Hope you're all doing well.  Sharing some new things I've been doing.  Last month I visited with my mom in Puerto Rico.  Had a wonderful time with her and family.  You know how it is, good home cooking like mom does.  You can't beat that!  Got some long needed sun on my skin. lol.  While I was there I took some crafty products from my stash and took the advise of so many of you crafty artist who always say " Use  the stuff you have in your staff and create".  Well I surely did and I also wanted to give a try to making some  ICADs.  " Index Card A Day"  That idea come from some really cool artist on Youtube.  Aaron "Imperfectimpules" Jenn, "Mixed Media Jenn" and Di, PackerDi.  Check them out.  
I used different types of mediums and worked with what I took with me.  These are the Icads I made.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello friends.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend where ever it finds you.  It's been a while since I've posted and practically created anything.  I've been doing some things and will post them below.  But first, I like to share that I had to change my blog name because I found someone else had the exact same name. Not only that but an etsy store as well.

Originally the name "Vintage Me Happy" was a name my daughter thought of since I like vintage.  Truthfully since then  I've been dabbing into different kinds of scrapbooking, card making and now mixed media.  I'm feeling more confident and have come to the conclusion that I just might be an eclectic person.  I love vintage, different types of vintage and that will never change.  I had to think of something that would not limit me to just one thing on my blog but would include all the things I love and enjoy.  So, this morning I was looking at all my crafty things and notice one common thing about all that I own.  It was Colors!

We all love and relate to colors in one way or another.  That was it!  As you can see from my new blog facelift, the title of my Blog is "Where Colors Take Me".  I love the title and it pretty much depicts where I am right now in my artistic/crafty journey.  Funny how looking at my past posts everything has pretty much entailed lots of colors and mixed media.  Everywhere we look there is a world of colors.

Let's see what I've done lately.  These photos are inspired by several artists I've been learning some cool techniques from.   I've told my friend Maggie that I'm way behind on everything that's going on in the art world.  She laughs and pats me on the back saying "Don't worry Maria, hurry up and do a project" lol.

Enjoy the pics.  I'll post the youtube links of  the artists above the pictures.  Check them out.  (a side note on how I came upon these ladies.  I subscribed to Aaron "ImperfectImpluses" One thing lead to another and this is what happened.

I want to thank all the wonderful Youtube artists and crafters for sharing your gifts with me and the rest of the world. YOU GUYS ROCK! :o)
Ok,  let me stop babbling on.

Hugs, Maria

This was inspired by: Mixed Media Jenn -


This was inspired by: Mixed Media Journal page
by Nosslola -

This was inspired by Nosslola:

This last little number was inspired by Psalm 27.  I woke up one morning and as I read the psalm, these were the colors that completed the peace I felt.  The Lamb and baby is a stamp from "Unity Stamp".  A flower stencil and several dylusion sprays. I think it came together perfectly. 

Where colors take me...  They take me to a place where I can create from the heart.  Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, February 18, 2013

A Valentine for Amanda & Weekend fun Project

 Hello Friends,  Sharing a Mixed Media Canvas I made using altered tissue paper, mod podge, dylusions ink sprays, painted brown paper flowers, crafter's workshop girl stencil and bird house/branch and some stamping.  A Valentine gift for my Amanda.  She loved it.  Below are some pictures of the process.  

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Hugs, Maria

This project was fun to make.  I  used a 5 x 7 inch canvas board.  The center piece is from an Altered Newspaper by Littlecanvases on Youtube.  (Visit her channel for the tutorial, it's fun)
I gessoed the canvas, painted with several metallic paints and used two different size circle stencils I bought at Sa Crafter's Zibbet's shop.  The feathers are from Littlecavases.  Love tile,  vintage shoe and wooden key are from my stash.  

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Hugs, Maria