Sunday, January 19, 2014

A couple of last year's ICAD's and a little black candy popper I made with  the envelop punch. (really cool to have)  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. 

This is a special large ICAD I made of me and my beloved sister Odette.  I was seven and she was six when my mom took this picture of us in the park.  The caption is in Spanish and it translates " Know what I love the most in the world?"  It's referencing my mother's love for us and my own towards my sister.  She passed away October 21, 2006 and not a day goes by that I miss her and wish she was here with me.  So, this is really my little tribute to a Best Friend and Sister.  A gift from God to me.  A love between sisters that even in death remains strong and true.

ICAD I made with magazine clippings, card stock pieces, buttons and bling.  ( I did it during my lunch time at work)

Here I'm trying to mimic snow in the winter woods.  Didn't come out exactly how I visioned it, not too bad.  The dies are from "IO" = Impression Obsession .  I love Kittie Kraft.  She does the most beautiful cards with these and other dies.  Check her out.  

This little number I made watching Diane Dimich 
( and since I purchased the envelop punch board I tried it out and I have nothing but wonderful shout outs to We Are Memory Keepers who made this tool.  It really works beautifully and you can create not only envelops of different sizes but other cool stuff as well.  I highly recommend it, especially since I'm not good with measurements.  All is there and Youtube has so many great ladies and gents who share other projects using this tool.

Ok, I'll be back soon with some other posts.  Thanks so much for stopping by, comments are always welcomed.  Stay well,


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