Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrating 53

Hola Familia!  It's been a while since my last post.  Two weeks ago I celebrated my 53 rd birthday.  Yes, the big 53.  I feel good and have to say it was a really special one too!  My co-workers surprised me with two tasty cakes which we enjoyed eating and laughing about.  As you can see from this picture.  It says..... HappyB-day M-Lo. LOL....  The world has J-Lo and my co-workers have me, "M-Lo"  the real one from the block!  LOL... These kids have fun with me and my crazyness.  One of them wrote " Sometimes we have a little.... sometimes we have alot.... and sometimes I see you on the block.  Keep it real... cause sometimes that's all we got."  Ain't it the truth! I love my possey at work.  We do have fun and work at the same time.  People line up out side the department because they want to join our team. LOL... What can I say... I work with some extraordinary people. 

The reason why I say my birthday was a special one is because I asked my co-workers I wanted something special from them.  I requested a handmade card from each of them.  I have to tell you, I was overwelmed with emotion and felt the love as each one made from their heart these precious cards.  Below you'll see them a little closer.  Enjoy them. 

See,  what did I tell you.   LOL This is Jamal, a man who loves his cake! lol. 

To start, the top card was created by Ralph.  He's our IT guy.  Isn't it beautiful?  The sentiment he wrote left me almost in tears.  My heart was full of emotion with all of them.   J-lo may have rocks and bling, but I received the bling that shined from the depth of my friends hearts.  And that says alot!  I'm very grateful.  Ok,  lets continue..... :o)..... The bottom one was created by Jamal.  Jamal's sentiment had lots of wisdom and God's love all over it. He's a dad and the front shows that as well.

This beauty was created by Charlotte.  A lovely lady who says little but has a big heart.  Thank you so much dear Charlotte.  Muchas Gracias. xoxoxox

This birthday presentation was created by Elle.  Our very own Lenore who decided to show her creativity by making my very own award card.!  That's me in the bottom receiving my Swan award as I thank my people for voting for me!....  "I love you all"  LOL.... The other side is just as beautiful and funny as this side.  Lenore is my Master Piece Classic, PBS buddy.  We love Charles Dickens and are anxiously awaiting for the next Sherlock Holmes series to come out in May.  Love ya TattyCoram....  LOL

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