Monday, April 9, 2012

My Gifts - Part 2

The top card was the creation of our very own Alan who wrote the sentiment I mentioned above... Sometime we have a little...... Alan gave me the cars, the bling and the OG name.  Translation to the OG is..... "Original Gangster".... Can you believe it?  There's also another name I have... It's Rizzo, from the movie Grease...  Tell me if I don't work with creative people! LOL....  I doubt about it.  Alright, the next one is my personal Cruzin vintage car created by our very own Xiomara also known to us as Lady Xi (C).... That's me at the wheels, Alan in the middle and Xio watching our back.  Totally fun, because that's how we roll.....  The next one is the front side of Lenore's card. 

These next two are from two lovely ladies.  The top one was created by my very own special Chesney, also known as Chesnut to me.  She recently became a mommy to beautiful Cory Noelle.  Chesnut has another daughter Ariana who is very talented and may well be an actor in the future.  The girl has potential for greatness.  Anyway, This card has pictures of the entire family and it screams Love all over... Thank you my Chesnut!   The bottom  card was created by my very own Pauline, also know as Puffball.  And while this card may seem simple it's sentiment has touched my heart deeply. 

The two top ones were created by Debbie.  She works in the records department.  After work we wait for her to come over with all the lastest news.  We have lots of fun. The world has Nancy Grace but we say we have Debbie Grace. LOL...  The beauty below was created by Darlena who also works with Debbie. Darlena enjoys a good laugh as well as sharing her pet fishes and plants with us.  Meaning she's got fish and plant nannies when she goes out on vacation.  Thanks girls for the beautiful gift and friendship!.

Recently I saw a tutorial by Kathy Orta on how to make a Match book Mini album. *(here is the link. ) I loved it so much that I tried it out.  And this is the cover, a couple of the middle pages and back cover below.  Here is where store all my handmade birthday cards for keepsake. 

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