Sunday, October 7, 2012

Altered Mini Box for .......

Hi there, It's me again.  Can't believe I'm posting twice on my blog in one day.  Wooo hoooo... hahaha.
What can I say? It's mojo heaven.  And I really enjoyed it alot.  Just finished this little trinket box for someone special in my life.  Her favorite color is Orange.  I hope she likes it more in person than these few pictures have to say.  It was made with much love and thoughtfulness.  Enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by again.  Always a pleasure.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Have a great evening and week.
Hugs, Maria


Muri said...

this is beautiful!

Yiyi said...

Oh wow..this is extremely gorgeous. Mary you did grab the bull by the horns...the MOJO is back!!!!!!! jajaja. Mamita you did an awesome job here. Oh wow...just stunning. The inside has my head spinning. The button in from is so super cute...!! I'm sure Donna will go crazy with this. Keep them coming because you are doing a heck of job. I wish I could do things like this.