Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Vintage Furniture

Hola,  this is my bedroom at mom's house.  The four poster bed belonged to my grandparents. (Father's side).  According to the story, all my grandparents kids got a chance to sleep here when they were babies.  I got my chance and so did my daughter.  (As a matter of fact all the grandkids jumped up on this bed and perhaps some great grands beside Amanda.  Of course the mattress is not the same. LOL..... ) I remember trying to climb into the bed to kiss my grandfather goodnight, it was like climbing a giant tree.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Four generations, my inheretance and it's a beauty.  I just need to get someone who deals with antiques who can clean it up and make it look brand new.  The rocking chair belonged to my neighbor in NY,  When I met her she was in her late sixty. (This was more then 10 years ago) She bought this rocker when her daughter was born back in the late fourties.  It survived the trip to many New York city apartments and the one to Puerto Rico.  It's in mint conditions.   Vintage Me Happy?  Yes indeed.

Thanks for stopping by to see all my vacation pics.  Have a wonderful week, until soon

Abrazos from Maria,
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