Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Hot Peppers from Mami's garden

These little guys are truly what we call Hot Peppers.  We know it as "Pique".   Whoooo, this stuff will clear your sinuses and then some.  Mom has a small tree in the side of the house where they grow. 

Here she's making a bottle of Pique (Hot Souce) for my uncle.  I believe the mixture is vinagar. 

To your top left are some green leaves.  These are called " Hojas de Naranja" One or two of these in hot water and you can enjoy a very soothing and refreshing healing tea.  It's also delicious in farina or cream of wheat.  The middle dish has Passion Fruits also know as "Parcha".  Another wonderful fruit to mix with some water and a bit of sugar, pour over a glass of ice and drink to satisfied your thirst.  It's also very medicinal. Very popular for lowering high blood pressure. 

This is the parcha tree or many branches who have reached the balcany of my mom's house.  It's beautiful but don't let it grow too much.  It will surely give you fruits while taking over your domain. LOL
This is Passion Fruit known in spanish as "Parcha".  A very good fruit for refreshing and lowering high blood pressure.

These two pictures shows my mom cutting up the parcha in half.  It looks funny doesn't it?  But once you put this little bits in a blender and light mix you add some water to your liking and some sugar mix again then pour over a colander, chill for a while and enjoy a great drink. 

Here's my mothers tender fingers painfully opening up the pod of green bean, "Gandules".  I say painfully because while on vacation my mom's right arm went from mild pain to sharp renching, excruciating unable to move entire arm pain.  Yes, she's under Dr care, but we have to wait for a sonogram to confirm exactly what it is.  Looks like chronic burcitis, but it could also be calified tendanitis.  We'll know soon.  In the mean time she's handling the pain with meds.  OK, moving forward, she's so proud of her tree's and there's that pumkin who also grows in her garden.  Next to the pumkin are some leaves called "Culantro".   This stuff give wonderful flavor to soups, casaroles and rice.  It smells wonderful too! 

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