Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quinnie the Wonder Dog and me

This is Quinnie the wonder dog.  She's been with the family for years.  She was getting up as I was taking the picture.  Just had her hair cut.  Shy one she is. LOL.   My father found her under the wheel of a car on a rainy day.  She was a baby pup abandoned and left to be eaten by ticks.  Dad brought her home, mother got a box, twizzers and a cup of alchol.  With tender love mom plucked the vermons off of Quinnie.  Years have come and gone and this girl has given nothing but love and loyalty to the family.

Well, look who we have here.  Yep, it's a profile of your's truly. LOL.... Listen, I was laboring for my lunch. LOL... This is called " Limpiando las locetas con precion"  Using water pressure to clean the tiles.  It was my first time and mom said I get a star for doing a good job.  I wanted bacalao with viandas. LOL.   

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