Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Decorated Christmas House in Santa Elvira Residence

This is Christmas, Puerto Rican Style. 

The houses the way they were back then.  Who knows, maybe in the mountains we still have friends and family who live in wood homes like this.  I love them.

Mom and Ana, family friend and neigbor

Sorry,  Didn't mean to interrupt.  This is the old fashion way to go to the bathroom! LOL
Spanish "Letrina"-  English "Out House". Functional but horrible in many ways.  I remember using them when a kid. wooooooo... smelly and things crawling out.... LOL... It got the job done in a hurry. 

Click on the pictures to get a better look.  This house was not yet completely decorated.  It's like the houses of many states and countries where one family goes all the way.  Well this is just one of the many in this same block.  All the neighbor join in the fun and really go all out to make Christmas a community affair. 
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