Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Project Creation !

Familia,  Introducing my very first Bees wax creation on canvas board using napkins.  It is really REALLY cool.....  I also used some Perfect Peals to give the canvas some shimmer.  (Over the beeswax) Interested in taking a bees wax workshop? Check out Mixed Media Workshops, Beezzz Wax workshop with Natalie Bramasole.

These are the napkins I used.  Not all of it but certain pieces


magma said...

great job Maria DO you hold personal classes or maybe just crop together, let me know, also love your blog. besos muchos your crafty partner. Mama

Maria said...

LOL... Thanks Magma... So greatful to have you as my crafty partner.

Kate P. said...

Hi Maria - LOVE your beeswax creation - isn't the smell of the hot wax yummy. The butterflies and collage items you've chosen are wonderful together!

Maria said...

Hi Kate, Yes !!! The smell of the hot wax is yummy. LOL... :o). Thank you so much for your kind words. I took a workship with Mixed Media Workshop. The teacher is Natalie Bramasole from Belgium.

Have a wonderful day!