Sunday, October 9, 2011

Special request from Mary my neighbor

Hola !!! Finally a weekend project I can post on my blog. LOL  This little piece is something my neighbor Mary brought by two weekends ago.  She painted it with wall paint all in one color.  She said Maria, can you help?   I said sureeeeeeee... Let's see what we can do.  No rush she says....

Mary has been my neighbor for 25 years.  She makes the best chicken soup, lentil, and other goodies she showers on me from time to time.  I bring her bread, coffee and other goodies as well.  So we share with one another.  She found out I craft so I was on the spot light.

Me and spotlight don't get along.  So then, my fellow blogger this is my take on re-creating a one colored floral arrangement.  Leave me a comment.  Love to know what you think.  Mary's response when she saw it all finished was " Wow, Maria... it's ALIVE..."  We laughed.

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